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Weird art

To many people, most art is indeed "weird", and some aspiring artists
seem to do everything they can to make their "art" stranger than any other.
While that may be true, art is intended to provoke the psyche
to awaken emotions, thoughts or impulses that are normally suppressed.
Religions have actually produced some of the most bizarre art of all.
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Links to galleries, artists, etc.
Preference is given to visual media, especially photography.

Transformative imagery and healing pictures


horse made of sticks

street art

huge sandcastle in Miami Beach


by Steve Heller, Fabulous Furniture, on this site (Phoenecia, NY)

Steve Heller, Phoenecia, NY    metal sculpture


junk, modified with Photoshop
Abstract photos

Photo collages of artist Peter Tyla
Peter Tytla
- collage posters

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weird art

Crafts from Woodstock, NY

transformative imagery, dreams 
 Woodstock, NY arts organization
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beautiful site, links, unique art merchandise -- hundreds of listings, links -- famous Russian artist, gallery   pottery - original works from Africa

-- photographic gallery, very nice  
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 Ed Regensburg "cosmic" art