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Living requires inspiration to maintain perspective and enthusiasm for life. 
This Upanishads calendar is being expanded slowly
Unless otherwise indicated, all quotes come from the Upanishads.
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Upanishads quotes calendar

"There is a light that shines beyond all things on Earth, beyond us all,
beyond the heaven, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. 
This is the light that shines in our heart."

"He who knows both the transcendent and the immanent,
with the immanent overcomes death,
and with the transcendent reaches immortality."  
Chandogya Upanishad.

Probably the oldest and most sacred of the Hindu scriptures,
the Upanishads eloquently describe the path of enlightenment, freedom, and peace.
Nobody really knows how old they are, since they are a compilation of many texts
that were finally written down  after being transmitted verbally across many generations. 
Portions of them are reputed to be thousands of years old, by some scholars. 
Whatever their age, they reflect astonishing wisdom, 
put forth in a most poetic and simple manner.

This unique calendar will ultimately have a photo and a quote for each day of the year.  
Follow links to each month, and then to each day.
Snow stars January

"Wherefrom do all these worlds come?  They come from space.  
All beings arise from space, and into space they return; 
space is indeed their beginning, and space is their final end."

Guggenheim museum ceiling, NYC February

"Even as a great fish swims along the two banks of a river,
first along the Eastern bank, and then the Western bank,
in the same way the Spirit of man moves along beside his two dwellings;
this waking world and the land of sleep and dreams."

lake sunrise, NY March

"There is something beyond our mind which abides in silence. 
It is the supreme mystery beyond thought.  
Let one's mind and one's subtle body rest upon that, and not rest upon anything else. 
God is sound and silence. 
Attain therefore contemplation, contemplation in silence on him."

One of the first flowers of spring, the lovely daffodil April

"The earth seems to rest in silent meditation; 
and the waters and the sky and the heavens
seem all to be in meditation."

"On Earth, those who reach greatness
achieve it through concentration."

sunrise at 40,000 feet, above the clouds May

"Even as a man who is asleep awakes,
but when he is asleep does not know he is going to awake,
so a part of the subtle invisible Spirit comes as a messenger to the body,
without the body being conscious of its arrival."

Venus Jupiter conjuntion in Cancer -- June 2002  seen from West of Millerton, NY


"The soul is the consciousness of life.  It is the light of the heart. 
Forever remaining the same, 
the Spirit of man wanders in the world of waking
and also in the world of dreams. 
But in the rest of deep sleep he goes beyond this world and its fleeting forms"


"Oh life-giving sun, offspring of the Lord of Creation,
solitary Seer of heaven,
spread thy light and withdraw thy blinding splendor
that I might behold thy radiant form:
That Spirit far away within thee is my inmost Spirit"

Sunrise on a lake in upstate New York


"When the soul is in silent quietness it arises and leaves the body,
and reaching the Supreme Spirit finds there its body of light. 
It is the land of infinite liberty where,
beyond its mortal body, the Spirit of man is free."

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"The wise who knows the Self as bodiless within the bodies,
as unchanging among changing things, as great and omnipresent, 
does never grieve.
That self cannot be gained by the Veda, nor by understanding, nor by much learning."

Lighted snowman


"It is true that the body is mortal, that it is under the power of death,
but it is also the dwelling place of Atman, the Spirit of immortal life. ...
when a man is in the joy of the spirit, he is free from all bondage,
the bondage of pleasure and pain."

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"From joy all beings have come, by joy they all live, and unto joy they all return."

"Where there is joy, there is creation.  Where there is no joy, there is no creation.
Know the nature of joy."

Swans are considered symbols of the soul;  so graceful,  gliding on water, flying  so high


"He is everlasting and omnipresent, infinite in the great, and infinite in the small. 
He is the Eternal whom the sages see as the source of all creation."

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