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Toddler portraits and photographs
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Toddler photo tips      Infant photo tips
 from about 9 months to 4 years
The most important thing in a portrait is the expression,
 so a photographer's rapport with the subject is crucial.
Children learn to walk around 9 to 12 months and are constantly exploring their environment. 
If you wish to place them in a pose, wait until all your equipment is ready,
because they probably will not stay in position very long.  
Some enjoy being the center of attention, and will act up to please the photographer. 
Others are very shy of strangers.  They are subject to wild mood swings, so work fast. 
Use interesting sounds to provoke responses.   Balloons, balls, and bubbles come in handy.
Candid photos require great patience, lots of shots, and a certain amount of pure luck. 
Having the mothers or other relatives around can be very distracting sometimes.


Small props add interest to the photo

Yum !

A long lens keeps distracting backgrounds blurry

kids never change

Children this age make some wild expressions, but they must learn to trust the photographer

kids love bubbles.  Don't let them get on your lens, though.

Keep the child's hands busy with a toy

kids love balls
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Our charming country studio is located near Millerton, NY, in NE Dutchess County, 
near the Connecticut and Massachusetts borders
  518-789-9345 studio
I do both location and studio portraits in either color or monochrome.
I can use a variety of backgrounds, or outdoors, with or without props.

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