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Prophecies of Hermes


Hermes Trismegistus ( thrice great  ) was a brilliant man who lived very long ago in ancient.    He was a master of a huge range of skills, including architecture.    A large percentage of the world’s geniuses from all ages studied at least some of what he taught, including people like Da Vinci, Plato, and countless others.

Here is a famous quote by him…

“Pure philosophy is spiritual striving  

through constant contemplation to attain True Knowedge 

of Atum the One-God.

But, speaking now in prophecy I say that in times to come,

no one will pursue philosophy with single mindedness and pure of heart.

Those with a grudging and ungenerous temperament

will try to prevent men discovering the priceless gift of immortality.

Philosophy will become confused, making it hard to comprehend.

It will be corrupted by spurious speculation.

It will be entangled with bewildering sciences like arithmetic, music and geometry.

The student of pure philosophy studies the sciences,

not as fanciful theories, but as devotion to Atum, 

because they reveal a universe perfectly ordered by the power of number;

because measuring the depths of the sea and forces of fire

and magnitudes of physical things leads one to reverent awe 

at the Creator’s skill and wisdom;  because the mysteries of music

bear witness to the unsurpassed talent of the Supreme Artist

who has beautifully harmonized all things into a single Whole,

suffiused with sweet melodies.”



To simply love Atum in thought, with singleness of heart,

and to follow the goodness of his will–

This is philosophy, unsullied by intrusive cravings for pointless opinions.

But, I foresee that, in times to come, clever intellectuals

will mislead the minds of men, turning them away from pure philosophy.

It will be taught that our sacred devotion was ineffectual

and the heartfelt piety and assiduous service

with which we Egyptians honor Atum was a waste without reward.



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These are incredible times !!

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We are living in truly incredible times.   Do you realize that ?

There are ancient traditions going back thousands of years of a time that will come, when amazing new light will come upon the earth.   At that time, millions of magnificent beings will take birth, like the incredible flowering that springs up suddenly in the desert, when the rain finally comes.    The Bible says,  ” the whole creation yearneth and groaneth, waiting for the coming of the sons of man.”   That’s plural, “sons”, realms of beings of all kinds, including some that are so radiant they cannot assume a human form.    The Hindus and Buddhists say great teachers appear whenever there is great struggle on earth.

When perfect harmony and cosmic divinity comes to the earth, it comes in the form of light.   Real light, not just a metaphor.Light brings growth, and that includes consciousness.   Look what is going on in our times.   Many of the children being born now are extremely aware from a very early age.    They are light beings.   Imagine what will happen in the next 50 years as these beings inherit the earth.

New light comes into our solar system from the great beyond. It is an astronomical event.Our sun very likely has a solar companion.   In fact, it could have several.   We could be one of 7 stars in an immense system that unfolds like a blossoming lotus.    During our planet’s journey through space, from time to time it enters regions where there a vast bands of cosmic light, some visible to the naked eye, and some not.    When stars or other systems approach ours, more light comes our way.

Right now, the great and brightest star Sirius, which is a system actually, is approaching us at thousands of miles per hour.See the post about Sirius for more information.  Sirius A is likely our sun’s “sister”, Isis, goddess of love and creativity.    Sirius B is a very intense field, extremely powerful.     This system has a powerful effect on us.    In Hinduism, this is symbolized by Shiva ( Sirius B, reclusive, hidden, remote )  and “his” consort Parvati (  Sirius A, bright beautiful, magnetic, social )

Who is going to save the world ?   Go look in the mirror.

You have superpowers, and so do your friends.

You, reading this, have superpowers, some are probably undiscovered. Here are some of the amazing superpowers available now to millions of people all around the world.

You can fly all over the world. No need for a cape, that’s way too uncomfortable.   You can ride along comfortably with a bunch of other super-beings.

You can talk to people all over the world,with you being almost anywhere also.  You can send photos, too.   How amazing is that ??

You can know a VAST amount of things, if you want to. You can quickly find detailed information about anything, see photos and videos.   It’s as good as being clairvoyant and all knowing.

You have tools to calculate instantly, diagram complex equations with a few clicks.   You can magically turn on devices, see live images from other places.

You can set up your own worldwide broadcast systemfrom your home, or anywhere.   You can earn some of your money passively using the internet.   Check out the iPhone, if you haven’t already.

You can teach, and learn from thousands of different sources.

You can meet people in this lifetime that you would never have met again, perhaps for many lifetimes, or even never.

You can literally save someone’s life, in a variety of ways. For example, you can support a child in a foreign country.   You can donate blood.  You can send food or books.   You can also save animals in a bunch of different ways.

You can help create a new amazing human being, and teach it how to get the most from life.

You can write something that could save a life, or help them accomplish something.You can inspire, calm, and love, just using your efforts.

Sing, or make music.    Do you know how powerful singing and music is? These have been used for many thousands of years, to inspire, to teach, to soothe.    Singing with a full throat of joy is one of the most powerful things a human being can do.

You can  become fully connected to your own soul and the cosmos. If you do that, wherever you go you will take harmony, even the plants and animals will notice your


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Simple mental technique saves time

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“Stilling the mind”

One of the most useful techniques I have ever learned comes from one of the best books I ever read, “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”

This book predates Hinduism, or at least the organized version of Hinduism.    In it the author methodically describes the whole development of the human mind, or awareness, through discipline and the practice of a variety of mental techniques.    The goal is “yoga, or union”, and complete peace and joy,  immensely expanded awareness, and an experience of heaven while right here, alive in our body.

In his teaching Patanjali deals with the most fundamental concepts of human awareness and describes them in detail.    His focus is on practical techniques and understanding, rather than any religious belief or doctrine.    He discusses some of the weaknesses people fall into, and how to deal with them.    One of the first things he teaches students is to be aware of the reactionary tendencies of the mind.

”  The sequence of mental states is as follows:   the mind reacts to that which is seen, then follows the moment of mind control.    Then ensues a moment wherein the Chitta ( mental “stuff”, energy, )  responds to both these factors.   Finally, these pass away and the perceiving consciousness ( soul ) has full sway.”

“Through the cultivation of this habit of mind there will eventuate a steadiness of spiritual perception.”

quotes from Light of the Soul, by Alice Bailey, translated and commentary of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

The reactionary tendency of the human mind is a source of tremendous conflict and pain in human life. This is not necessary suffering.   It is caused by a lack of understanding.

Imagine your whole mind like a single nerve.    If you touch it even softly, it will recoil.   This is an experiment many people do in biology class.   They touch a frog muscle with electricity and see it jump.    The mind is a very sensitive instrument, and it has a nature to react quickly, then recover.     This causes one big problem;  people don’t check that reaction.   They do not put a reign on that mental reaction.     By being hasty in this way, people fail to take advantage of their inner wisdom that comes from our soul.

What Patanjali is saying is that after we perceive something, if we pause, take it in, let our intuition and deepest awareness respond.     We have a part of our being that is super-aware, sees a bigger picture, and is detached, objective.     This part of us is much more inclusive than our minds.    The mind is only a tool for gathering SOME of the information we need.   The true source of awareness that gives rise to the mind will flow through if we quiet the mind.

Patanjali states that when our true awareness is able to flow through as a result of practice, what results is a steady flow of awareness, unimpeded, that brings complete clarity and joy.    Vigorous emotional or mental reactions that occur when we experience things are often related to fear.    There is no need to fear, because our true nature is immortal, indestructible, and full of joy.

Learning to put a brake on the mind’s tendency to react will save you massive amounts of time, lead to better relationships, and bring you wisdom.

When people do not control the fast reaction of the mind to a sense impression, they do many of the following;

become afraid when it is not justified by facts

worry about things they cannot control

get into arguments,  start wars, harm others

jump to conclusions with incomplete information

make faulty decisions, fail to learn important things, ignore good advice

develop wild theories before knowing facts, become biased or prejudiced

Controlling the reaction of the mind will:

help you learn much, much faster.

understand others better

bring you much more personal peace, and harmony with others

allow you to quickly reach a deep meditative state when you try

develop your intuition and inner knowledge

enable you to experience exquisite joy from all normal sense impressions.    A slight taste of good food, or a simple touch, brings great joy.

To help control mental reactions, take a deep breath, or more than one, when you hear or see something that either upsets you or provokes an emotional reaction.  Remember, the mind tends to react.   Hold back a moment, think, feel.   Then respond more calmly and appropriately.   The mind “rides” in its vehicle the body.    If you take care of the body, with good food, rest, meditation, water, and other nutrients, the mind will tend to be more relaxed to begin with and easier to control

The mind is a great servant, but a poor master.     Get a handle on it, and use it well.



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2012 – It’s already happening

Please see the following site for more information.        

Don’t wait for December 21, 2012;  stuff’s ALREADY hitting the fan.

         This is what it looks like.   It’s the best of times or it’s the worst of times.   Take your pick.    Read the post of current facts, all widely recognized and not subject to dispute.

          ”2012? is a period of time, not just a date on a calendar.  Our sun and earth system has already entered the Milky Way’s galactic plane, something it does about every 13,0000 years, twice in it’s full cycle of about 26,000 years.   This passage  takes a number of years to occur, possibly 100 or so.   The last time this happened was around the end of the great glacial period.    Back then it is likely that the poles also reversed and the earth shifted on its axis.   Climate shifted massively and forever.    There were many events, including asteroid hits, volcanoes, tsunamis, storms, and much more.    Many large species of animals became extinct at that time.    Human beings obviously DID survive, and they’ve been talking about that series of events for thousands of years.   What will happen this time nobody knows for sure.    

             Now, if you’re young, you don’t remember what’s been going on for the last 60 years or so.   If not, read a bit about it.    In 1950, I’m not sure there was even color TV.    Now they have it in small towns in the Himalayan mountains of India and Tibet.   And they have cell phones there, too.

            This transition to a new era is not just about technology.   It’s about radical shifts in the mental state of human beings.   Much more information and communication.    We are exposed daily to loads and loads of radio signals, blasting all around the planet.

            Planets go through “stuff” too, and when they do, hang on to your hat.

           What is the “ecliptic band” of the galaxy, and why is our entry into it important ?

       Around spinning bodies, especially spheres such as planets, there’s a band of rotational energy that extends out into space around the sphere.   In that band there is a subtle magnetic attraction, so fine particles can be caught into it and form rings, such as those around Saturn and other planets.   The same principle applies to much larger cosmic systems like galaxies.  

         Our galaxy is an enormous spinning system of worlds.   Besides the debris that is found in this band, there are immense waves of light energy in a large spectrum of frequencies.    All of that light streams into the solar system when our sun gets close to this band.    It is to our solar system like turing on a bright beam.    This light is electrical in nature, like our planet and sun.   These electrical fields interact according to cosmic physics.    The scale of this interaction is beyond our comprehension.   It is part of the creation that allows for life to exist.

            The galaxy we live in has an immense band around its ecliptic.   The band’s width is tiny compared to the diameter of the galaxy, but it’s still rather big and our solar system can take a number of years to pass through it.   Since we have never passed through this section of the galaxy in recent history, we know almost nothing about what can happen.   All we have to go on are myths, legends, plus geological and archaeological evidence.

            So, what do these sources tell us ?   Well, there are LOADS of stories of incredible cataclysms and floods, whole civilizations collapsing ( Atlantis ), sometimes very fast.    These stories come from around the entire world.   It’s pretty safe to assume that SOMETHING really big happened a long time ago, and not just one thing.    Many things happened, depending on where people were on the planet.     And these events were so startling and traumatizing that people had to start over.

             There is abundant scientific evidence now coming to light, too.   Species suddenly died out after thriving for eons.    Piles of mammoths were instantly frozen in some places, suggesting that a mass of ice or freezing water buried them suddenly.

              So, what causes this ?    In a word, energy.   The ecliptic band has a LOT of energy, and it’s been streaming through space for eons.   There are frequencies of light energy that are foreign to our system.    We are unable with our current technology to fully grasp the significance of these light streams.  Within the band there is also debris, like in the rings of Saturn.

              Apart from the energy at the galaxy’s  ecliptic plane, there are other things to consider.  One of these is our  sun’s sunspot cycle of about 11 years.    Another factor is the many comets and asteroids we all hear about.     

             So what about now?   That’s the really big question.

             Well, IF we are going through the galactic plane ( confirmed by modern astronomers ), and this passage generally has brought massive earth changes in the past, AND there are loads of stories from the past that include warnings, we should really, really pay attention.   We have been told about this long ago by some very smart people who thought the information was so important they built massive stone structures and carved their writings into solid rock.

              Being aware of our cosmic situation is not about political correctness, politics, or whose “God” is the  “right” God.    It’s not about religion.   It’s way, way beyond all of that.   It’s a physical reality that is occurring and it should snap us into our senses.    Being unaware of our physical reality is one of the plagues of modern “civilization”, and it’s facilitated by all the distractions.    People argue and argue and argue, but they won’t look at the obvious.

               If we all saw on the news that a giant wave 100 feet high was racing to populated shores, wouldn’t we try to respond in some way?    Some people would not, and they would endure consequences.    How we all respond individually and collectively makes a big difference.   The current passage of Earth and our sun through the galactic plane affects all life on the planet, and December 21, 2012 is only one day in a period.   We are observing NOW some of the massive transformations that are part of this process.

The Golden Thread of Time   See author Crichton Miller’s great site.   He reinvented, and patented, an ancient navigation and time measuring device.


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Use checklists to save time

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“A short pencil is better than a long memory.”   ( Old pilot saying )    

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Checklists are one of aviation’s gifts to culture and getting things done. 

               Who hasn’t made a checklist at one time or another?    Some free styling personalities resist using them, but if you are truly serious about getting something important done safely and completely, you need to use checklists.

     Checklists are to actions what blueprints are to engineering.    They can be broad outlines, or a very long series of specific, detailed steps.    Broad checklists can have sublists too.

       Pilots of large aircraft have checklists that are like books.   It can be very humbling to use a checklist because it forces your attention, reminds us that a short pencil is better than a long memory.


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Workers at home get “time challenged”.


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It all sounds too good, just being able to walk to the kitchen, get your bagle and coffee, and walk back to your desk.    And actually, for some people trying to work at home could be a disaster.   Don’t try it unless you can stay focused.   You can get lost quickly in a host of distractions, like washing dishes, telemarketing calls, doing laundry, yard work, cleaning up after pets, etc.


       I work from home and it’s not as easy as many people think.    There are so many distractions, and no “boss”, or “manager”, to keep you on your toes.    If you want to work from home, you will need self discipline and a real plan, measurable goals.     There are times you can’t tell if all that you’re doing is getting you anywhere.    Then, the phone rings, or an email.    Spring to work, a customer  ! 

       If you have company in the home while you are working, it’s helpful to make clear boundaries, what is work time, what is not.    For those who work primarily in “cyberspace”,  it can appear to friends and family that you are not really doing anything and can be approached at any time, even if to talk about trivial stuff.

         Some people find it’s more productive to do some of the work late at night, after children go to sleep for example.    Ahhh, quiet !

         Your customer is your master to some degree.  No customer, no money, food, home car.    No sitting out on the deck with your laptop and iced-tea. 

To work at home you need a plan.   Use checklists to make sure you get stuff done.   A short pencil is better than a long memory.  ( old pilot saying ).

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Saving money = saving time

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TIme flies by in our modern world

TIme flies by in our modern world

There is that old saying, “a penny saved is a penny earned”.      And when we save money, we also gain the time spent earning it.

       These days, getting the most out of our money is very critical.   It’s always important, really, but it’s common not to pay much attention to that most of the time.    

Here are some observations and tips for having more time in your life, plus more money.

Don’t settle for getting junk in exchange for your precious time you spend earning the money.

             First, look at what you buy.    Do you need it, REALLY ?    Whenever you buy something,  you spend some irretrievable time getting the money for it.    

 Are you getting something back for your money as precious as your time that you can never replace ?    It’s a valid  question.     Think carefully about what you spend money on and you’ll have a lot more available for getting the things you TRULY want.      You will also have more time to enjoy the things you get.

             Spend time researching before you buy.   These days that’s so easy on the internet.     Nothing’s worse than buying on impulse, getting junk, overpaying, and then not using what you buy.   Total waste of time.      You will have more money and time to enjoy life if you find out what you really need before you go shopping.    Once you know WHAT you want or need, you can start finding the best price.      Beyond that, there may be many items,  such as a printer, that can do a job for you, but if you look into it carefully, you’ll discover what specific printer is best for reliablity, utility, and quality.      If you do all that and buy EXACTLY what you need, you will have save a lot of time and aggravation, enabling you to focus more and getting the task done.

              One way to save money / time  is to buy things that greatly increase your efficiency.     Get the right pens, filing system, computer, workspace, and you’ll get your work done.      Quality, durable equipment with many features that enable you do every thing you need and lets you also expand.     Money spent on efficiency is money very well spent.    I recently got a new computer, after researching for hours.   It’s ( iMac 24 inch Intel version ) perfect for me and I’ll save hundreds of hours per year over my problematic PC, and get more kinds of work done, faster.      Plus, it serves as a backup to my other Mac laptop.    

              Another way to save money / time is to have a plan.   You need an outline.     You can’t get anywhere if you are scattered with no idea what you are trying to do.     Pilots do this all the time.   The plan their flight, with options in case of bad weather or malfunctions.    

Use checklists.   Checklists are useful for all kinds of things, from groceries to long termbusiness planning.


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The value of a simple life

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timeblogBatch1 (2)

Ever wonder why some of the earth’s greatest teachers lived very simple lives ?      Time.

When you live simply you have more time to spend on everything, such as:

contemplation, recreation, health, education, family, appreciation, rest, creativity

For everything we own or posess physically or mentally, some time must be spent attending to it, fixing it, protecting it, worrying about it, and of course, paying for it.

There’s nothing wrong with having abundant property.    It’s not a moral issue as implied by some religious people.     It’s purely practical.     Nobody has infinite time to manage resources, so we must set some limits.  We should know what the true cost is of anything we desire, and determine if it’s worth it.    How much stuff do we really need to be content and function efficiently in our work ?

Many wise people figured this out a long time ago.    There is a consensus that true wealth is in the quality of your time, what you do.    Some people live a long time and do very little.   Others live a short life and accomplish a lot.     How we use our time matters.

There are options to owning every last thing we might need in our entire lives.:

These days, one can often rent or borrow things they like to use, but use rarely. Instead, in our culture everyone has the same tool or object in their house or garage, gathering dust.   For example, a lawnmower.   Used once a week or so, for a couple of hours.    Cost:   store, maintain, repair, clean, and eventually discard.

If you’ve never done so, spend a few hours at a local landfill transfer station and watch what people throw away.  It will amaze you.   I had a friend who used to sell stuff he got for free at the local dump.   He found an item once that he sold for 4,000 dollars.    He made many thousands per year just doing that.


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First become still, then can get busy.

 Focus is so important in any worthwhile activity.


Peace…it’s always with you


Every curious and active person has countless things to do, some necessary and urgent.      The more we want to do and enjoy in life, the more critical it is to get centered first.   That’s how to find out within ourselves what is REALLY necessary.  What do we really want?    The answer to that will show us what we need to do next.

Beyond the deep need to be content all people have, we need to get stuff done, no way around that.   If some things don’t get done the consequences can be disastrous.    So, once we find out what we truly need we can proceed.   Clearly some things are permanently on the list, even at the top of the list.    Focus, concentration, and clarity is where it all starts.    There is a saying, “take care of the moments, and the months and years will take care of themselves.

In aviation, pilots are trained to focus and prepare, plan, set priorities, and manage a lot of information they are getting from their instruments.   On large aircraft, the pilots spend a long time checking everything before leaving the gate and going to the runway for takeoff.        Prepare, then act.      To save time and aggravation, use checklists.

              We recommend the PenAgain pen as the BEST pen for comfort. There are several models.    Check them out by doing a search on Google.     It’s available in several versions and colors.   



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Memorable quotes

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               “Dost thou love life?  Then waste not time, because time is the stuff life is made of.”   Ben Franklin

“Intuitive knowledge is developed through the use of the discriminative faculty when there is one-pointed concentration on moments and their succession”.       Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.



“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is gained”

“Don’t count every hour, make every hour count”

“A stitch in time saves nine.”

“Yesterday is a canceled check.   Tomorrow is a promisory note.   Today is the only cash you have so spend it wisely”.   Kay Lyons

“Men are as the time is”

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”       Steve Jobs

“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”

“You can get more money but you cannot get more time”     John Rohn

“Defer no time.    Delays have dangerous ends.”    Shakespeare

“Time is the justice that examines all offenders.”    Shakespeare

“We say we waste time, but that is impossible.  We waste ourselves”   Alice Booth

“Time is the cruelest teacher.  First she gives the test, then she gives the lesson”

“Time heals what reason cannot”.  Seneca

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“Time is the substance from which I am made.
Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river;
It is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger;
It is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire.”
Jorge Luis Borges

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