Prophecies of Hermes


Hermes Trismegistus ( thrice great  ) was a brilliant man who lived very long ago in ancient.    He was a master of a huge range of skills, including architecture.    A large percentage of the world’s geniuses from all ages studied at least some of what he taught, including people like Da Vinci, Plato, and countless others.

Here is a famous quote by him…

“Pure philosophy is spiritual striving  

through constant contemplation to attain True Knowedge 

of Atum the One-God.

But, speaking now in prophecy I say that in times to come,

no one will pursue philosophy with single mindedness and pure of heart.

Those with a grudging and ungenerous temperament

will try to prevent men discovering the priceless gift of immortality.

Philosophy will become confused, making it hard to comprehend.

It will be corrupted by spurious speculation.

It will be entangled with bewildering sciences like arithmetic, music and geometry.

The student of pure philosophy studies the sciences,

not as fanciful theories, but as devotion to Atum, 

because they reveal a universe perfectly ordered by the power of number;

because measuring the depths of the sea and forces of fire

and magnitudes of physical things leads one to reverent awe 

at the Creator’s skill and wisdom;  because the mysteries of music

bear witness to the unsurpassed talent of the Supreme Artist

who has beautifully harmonized all things into a single Whole,

suffiused with sweet melodies.”



To simply love Atum in thought, with singleness of heart,

and to follow the goodness of his will–

This is philosophy, unsullied by intrusive cravings for pointless opinions.

But, I foresee that, in times to come, clever intellectuals

will mislead the minds of men, turning them away from pure philosophy.

It will be taught that our sacred devotion was ineffectual

and the heartfelt piety and assiduous service

with which we Egyptians honor Atum was a waste without reward.



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