These are incredible times !!

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We are living in truly incredible times.   Do you realize that ?

There are ancient traditions going back thousands of years of a time that will come, when amazing new light will come upon the earth.   At that time, millions of magnificent beings will take birth, like the incredible flowering that springs up suddenly in the desert, when the rain finally comes.    The Bible says,  ” the whole creation yearneth and groaneth, waiting for the coming of the sons of man.”   That’s plural, “sons”, realms of beings of all kinds, including some that are so radiant they cannot assume a human form.    The Hindus and Buddhists say great teachers appear whenever there is great struggle on earth.

When perfect harmony and cosmic divinity comes to the earth, it comes in the form of light.   Real light, not just a metaphor.Light brings growth, and that includes consciousness.   Look what is going on in our times.   Many of the children being born now are extremely aware from a very early age.    They are light beings.   Imagine what will happen in the next 50 years as these beings inherit the earth.

New light comes into our solar system from the great beyond. It is an astronomical event.Our sun very likely has a solar companion.   In fact, it could have several.   We could be one of 7 stars in an immense system that unfolds like a blossoming lotus.    During our planet’s journey through space, from time to time it enters regions where there a vast bands of cosmic light, some visible to the naked eye, and some not.    When stars or other systems approach ours, more light comes our way.

Right now, the great and brightest star Sirius, which is a system actually, is approaching us at thousands of miles per hour.See the post about Sirius for more information.  Sirius A is likely our sun’s “sister”, Isis, goddess of love and creativity.    Sirius B is a very intense field, extremely powerful.     This system has a powerful effect on us.    In Hinduism, this is symbolized by Shiva ( Sirius B, reclusive, hidden, remote )  and “his” consort Parvati (  Sirius A, bright beautiful, magnetic, social )

Who is going to save the world ?   Go look in the mirror.

You have superpowers, and so do your friends.

You, reading this, have superpowers, some are probably undiscovered. Here are some of the amazing superpowers available now to millions of people all around the world.

You can fly all over the world. No need for a cape, that’s way too uncomfortable.   You can ride along comfortably with a bunch of other super-beings.

You can talk to people all over the world,with you being almost anywhere also.  You can send photos, too.   How amazing is that ??

You can know a VAST amount of things, if you want to. You can quickly find detailed information about anything, see photos and videos.   It’s as good as being clairvoyant and all knowing.

You have tools to calculate instantly, diagram complex equations with a few clicks.   You can magically turn on devices, see live images from other places.

You can set up your own worldwide broadcast systemfrom your home, or anywhere.   You can earn some of your money passively using the internet.   Check out the iPhone, if you haven’t already.

You can teach, and learn from thousands of different sources.

You can meet people in this lifetime that you would never have met again, perhaps for many lifetimes, or even never.

You can literally save someone’s life, in a variety of ways. For example, you can support a child in a foreign country.   You can donate blood.  You can send food or books.   You can also save animals in a bunch of different ways.

You can help create a new amazing human being, and teach it how to get the most from life.

You can write something that could save a life, or help them accomplish something.You can inspire, calm, and love, just using your efforts.

Sing, or make music.    Do you know how powerful singing and music is? These have been used for many thousands of years, to inspire, to teach, to soothe.    Singing with a full throat of joy is one of the most powerful things a human being can do.

You can  become fully connected to your own soul and the cosmos. If you do that, wherever you go you will take harmony, even the plants and animals will notice your


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