2012 – It’s already happening

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Don’t wait for December 21, 2012;  stuff’s ALREADY hitting the fan.

         This is what it looks like.   It’s the best of times or it’s the worst of times.   Take your pick.    Read the post of current facts, all widely recognized and not subject to dispute.

          ”2012? is a period of time, not just a date on a calendar.  Our sun and earth system has already entered the Milky Way’s galactic plane, something it does about every 13,0000 years, twice in it’s full cycle of about 26,000 years.   This passage  takes a number of years to occur, possibly 100 or so.   The last time this happened was around the end of the great glacial period.    Back then it is likely that the poles also reversed and the earth shifted on its axis.   Climate shifted massively and forever.    There were many events, including asteroid hits, volcanoes, tsunamis, storms, and much more.    Many large species of animals became extinct at that time.    Human beings obviously DID survive, and they’ve been talking about that series of events for thousands of years.   What will happen this time nobody knows for sure.    

             Now, if you’re young, you don’t remember what’s been going on for the last 60 years or so.   If not, read a bit about it.    In 1950, I’m not sure there was even color TV.    Now they have it in small towns in the Himalayan mountains of India and Tibet.   And they have cell phones there, too.

            This transition to a new era is not just about technology.   It’s about radical shifts in the mental state of human beings.   Much more information and communication.    We are exposed daily to loads and loads of radio signals, blasting all around the planet.

            Planets go through “stuff” too, and when they do, hang on to your hat.

           What is the “ecliptic band” of the galaxy, and why is our entry into it important ?

       Around spinning bodies, especially spheres such as planets, there’s a band of rotational energy that extends out into space around the sphere.   In that band there is a subtle magnetic attraction, so fine particles can be caught into it and form rings, such as those around Saturn and other planets.   The same principle applies to much larger cosmic systems like galaxies.  

         Our galaxy is an enormous spinning system of worlds.   Besides the debris that is found in this band, there are immense waves of light energy in a large spectrum of frequencies.    All of that light streams into the solar system when our sun gets close to this band.    It is to our solar system like turing on a bright beam.    This light is electrical in nature, like our planet and sun.   These electrical fields interact according to cosmic physics.    The scale of this interaction is beyond our comprehension.   It is part of the creation that allows for life to exist.

            The galaxy we live in has an immense band around its ecliptic.   The band’s width is tiny compared to the diameter of the galaxy, but it’s still rather big and our solar system can take a number of years to pass through it.   Since we have never passed through this section of the galaxy in recent history, we know almost nothing about what can happen.   All we have to go on are myths, legends, plus geological and archaeological evidence.

            So, what do these sources tell us ?   Well, there are LOADS of stories of incredible cataclysms and floods, whole civilizations collapsing ( Atlantis ), sometimes very fast.    These stories come from around the entire world.   It’s pretty safe to assume that SOMETHING really big happened a long time ago, and not just one thing.    Many things happened, depending on where people were on the planet.     And these events were so startling and traumatizing that people had to start over.

             There is abundant scientific evidence now coming to light, too.   Species suddenly died out after thriving for eons.    Piles of mammoths were instantly frozen in some places, suggesting that a mass of ice or freezing water buried them suddenly.

              So, what causes this ?    In a word, energy.   The ecliptic band has a LOT of energy, and it’s been streaming through space for eons.   There are frequencies of light energy that are foreign to our system.    We are unable with our current technology to fully grasp the significance of these light streams.  Within the band there is also debris, like in the rings of Saturn.

              Apart from the energy at the galaxy’s  ecliptic plane, there are other things to consider.  One of these is our  sun’s sunspot cycle of about 11 years.    Another factor is the many comets and asteroids we all hear about.     

             So what about now?   That’s the really big question.

             Well, IF we are going through the galactic plane ( confirmed by modern astronomers ), and this passage generally has brought massive earth changes in the past, AND there are loads of stories from the past that include warnings, we should really, really pay attention.   We have been told about this long ago by some very smart people who thought the information was so important they built massive stone structures and carved their writings into solid rock.

              Being aware of our cosmic situation is not about political correctness, politics, or whose “God” is the  “right” God.    It’s not about religion.   It’s way, way beyond all of that.   It’s a physical reality that is occurring and it should snap us into our senses.    Being unaware of our physical reality is one of the plagues of modern “civilization”, and it’s facilitated by all the distractions.    People argue and argue and argue, but they won’t look at the obvious.

               If we all saw on the news that a giant wave 100 feet high was racing to populated shores, wouldn’t we try to respond in some way?    Some people would not, and they would endure consequences.    How we all respond individually and collectively makes a big difference.   The current passage of Earth and our sun through the galactic plane affects all life on the planet, and December 21, 2012 is only one day in a period.   We are observing NOW some of the massive transformations that are part of this process.

The Golden Thread of Time   See author Crichton Miller’s great site.   He reinvented, and patented, an ancient navigation and time measuring device.


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