The value of a simple life

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Ever wonder why some of the earth’s greatest teachers lived very simple lives ?      Time.

When you live simply you have more time to spend on everything, such as:

contemplation, recreation, health, education, family, appreciation, rest, creativity

For everything we own or posess physically or mentally, some time must be spent attending to it, fixing it, protecting it, worrying about it, and of course, paying for it.

There’s nothing wrong with having abundant property.    It’s not a moral issue as implied by some religious people.     It’s purely practical.     Nobody has infinite time to manage resources, so we must set some limits.  We should know what the true cost is of anything we desire, and determine if it’s worth it.    How much stuff do we really need to be content and function efficiently in our work ?

Many wise people figured this out a long time ago.    There is a consensus that true wealth is in the quality of your time, what you do.    Some people live a long time and do very little.   Others live a short life and accomplish a lot.     How we use our time matters.

There are options to owning every last thing we might need in our entire lives.:

These days, one can often rent or borrow things they like to use, but use rarely. Instead, in our culture everyone has the same tool or object in their house or garage, gathering dust.   For example, a lawnmower.   Used once a week or so, for a couple of hours.    Cost:   store, maintain, repair, clean, and eventually discard.

If you’ve never done so, spend a few hours at a local landfill transfer station and watch what people throw away.  It will amaze you.   I had a friend who used to sell stuff he got for free at the local dump.   He found an item once that he sold for 4,000 dollars.    He made many thousands per year just doing that.


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