First become still, then can get busy.

 Focus is so important in any worthwhile activity.


Peace…it’s always with you


Every curious and active person has countless things to do, some necessary and urgent.      The more we want to do and enjoy in life, the more critical it is to get centered first.   That’s how to find out within ourselves what is REALLY necessary.  What do we really want?    The answer to that will show us what we need to do next.

Beyond the deep need to be content all people have, we need to get stuff done, no way around that.   If some things don’t get done the consequences can be disastrous.    So, once we find out what we truly need we can proceed.   Clearly some things are permanently on the list, even at the top of the list.    Focus, concentration, and clarity is where it all starts.    There is a saying, “take care of the moments, and the months and years will take care of themselves.

In aviation, pilots are trained to focus and prepare, plan, set priorities, and manage a lot of information they are getting from their instruments.   On large aircraft, the pilots spend a long time checking everything before leaving the gate and going to the runway for takeoff.        Prepare, then act.      To save time and aggravation, use checklists.

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