Time is all we have

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Stillness. You need it to get inspiration and direction.


“Time;  micro and macro”

“Dost thou love life?  Then waste not time, because time is   the stuff life is made of.” Ben Franklin

Practically every civilization has been fascinated or even obsessed with time.    Time is like air, a gift of existence.    It’s all around us, we must have it, but we have no ownership of it.   No person can buy a single second.      So, let’s be grateful.   Gratitude is how we enter into the eternal.

      We cannot “get” any more time, but we can become wise and use our time to maximum advantage.    What do we use our time for ?  Being more conscious.   The more conscious we are every day, paying attention, observing and learning, the more fulfilled we will feel.   We get more from the time we do have.

    History’s greatest teachers have consistently said we should pay attention to each moment, where our attention is focused, if we want to get the most out of life.    Take care of the moments, and the days and years will take care of themselves.


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