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Stock photography by Paul Smyres
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To inquire, send an email to:

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Stock photos produced by Living Pictures Photography  
can be purchased by arrangement with Paul Smyres
New York City, Upper West Side or through his studio in Millerton, NY
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A different kind of stock photo site......
No flashy gimmicks, just quality and unique images
Plus... links to many other sources.

Please note:
We will pursue copyright infringement violations.
Photographers' pictures are their livelihood, and they deserve credit for them. 
Images can sell products, services, and ideas, but it costs time and money to produce them. 
That's why the use of images should be properly compensated. 
There are many laws governing the use of copyrighted works;  do not abuse them.
If you want to use any photograph, contact the person who produced it.
Websites do not need print-quality images,
but the photos used on them are no less valuable, in many cases.
I can deliver 300 DPI 9 by 13  25 MB files on CD, shipped express mail.
Sample prices -- inside editorial, one-time print use, up to 10,000 circulation  $ 100 plus shipping, cover $ 250
Product advertising and marketing use -- depends on distribution.   Exclusive use available.
Low resolution samples on CD, for review and selection ONLY --  $ 25, hundreds of images

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Many subjects in inventory
Life affirming pictures,   humortransformative imagery   abstract photos
  Image CD's available for selection
Coming soon.....large stock list in text form
CD catalogs available on request -- indicate subjects desired

Email for first contact. 
Describe the photo and place on this site.    Price varies with usage and distribution.  
Media ranges from digital images, prints,  to 2" transparencies. 
Electronic delivery can be arranged using high density scanned image. 
Mail preferred, either original, copy, disk, or CD.    Many more photos are available. 

Many of my photographs are on file with 

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Home studio set

Late night computing.

Old Packard

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home studio setup, computer, Packard, antique car, rodeo, horse, round penning stock photos
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