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Shiba Inu dogs
This breed is originally from Japan.  

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They look like a miniature Husky, or Akita, around 16" tall at max.  Cuddly, gentle, friendly and very smart. 
Shiba Inu's like to run fast and play and be adventurous.  They don't mind the snow, but will get cold if they are in a limited space to move, or are outside to long.  Otherwise they have been known to prance in the snow, or stick their heads and noses right in.   
Their fur is very soft, but not long.  Particularly males shed some fur once or twice per year.
It comes off in little bits here and there, unless he is brushed, in which case the brush will keep filling up with fur. 
Usually they like to be brushed.  Of course, they like to be scratched or have their belly rubbed also. 
It's usually difficult to get them to cooperate with baths, or with being sprayed by a hose.  
Good smellers, they also will bark when anyone new comes around. 


aww look at the puppy

so little soft N fluffy

though he might bite an ankle 

 he  probly  makes a good buddy

-rhymes by RobbyG

 above : Shiba Inu Puppy

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