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Sheep Photographs and Links

Sheep are peaceful animals to look at.
They have been used probably since the beginning of civilization for wool and for food, for milk, cheese, and more.
Sheep can be found in many parts of the world. They also can withstand cold climates.

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Photo by Paul E. Smyres (

Photo by Paul E. Smyres (

Photo by Paul E. Smyres (

Photo by Paul E. Smyres (

-Sheep Video: Two herds of sheep-
Click here to play video-



You crack me up, really .. this horse is actually yawning.
"laughing horse"

Amish farms

Amish buggies


Photo tip:    
Rule number 1, be careful!  
Horses can move very fast and without warning.

They are NOT thinking of your safety, either. 

Move slowly and predictably, and stay in eye contact, if possible.
If you wish to get close, touch the horse, perhaps on the neck near its shoulder. 
Be gentle, and make comforting sounds. 
Offer some food.    They love that,  but watch your fingers!  Keep them TOGETHER! 
Using a long lens is very effective. 
Most photos are done outdoors, so light is not usually a problem. 
Between around 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. the sun is harsh, so use the morning or afternoon. 
You do not usually need a shutter speed faster than about 1/250. 
You can get interesting effects by using a tripod and speeds from 1/8 to 1/30.
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Amish farms

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