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Photography set-ups
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There are many kinds of studio and shoot setups. 
Most professionals use the same ones frequently. 
Everything depends on lighting.   
Once a setup is found to produce the desired results, it's used often. 
When shooting hundreds of photos daily, it's difficult to keep changing camera and light settings. 
A good light meter is invaluable, and should be used periodically to check the lights.

Living Pictures Photography

Dance school, individual

  Dance schools --  see the dance page
Muslin backgrounds are usually used, because they take a lot of abuse.  
Roll paper can be used, too, but it is very fragile.
Shoots can be very long and exhausting.

Set-up for infant portraits

photo tip Infant portraits--
Infant photography requires a special approach.   
Lights must be soft and not too bright. 
This style uses a light (about 75ws) above the camera 
and another onto the backdrop. 
The baby is placed on its stomach on top of a couple of bed pillows. 
These are covered by a blanket.  
Baby should be at least 2 months old. 
Have the mother or assistant watch for sudden movements.  
I use a normal lens, which allows me to be close to the subject 
and get its attention. 

Work as quickly as possible or the baby will complain. 
If necessary, give it a comfort break.  see also:  infants

studioset2.jpg (27991 bytes)

A home studio set
A comfortable, home setting is great for individuals and families. 
Very often this type of set can be much more relaxing for subjects. 
A variety of cloth backgrounds are used.

petshoot1.jpg (13735 bytes)

Pet photo shoot setup
Smaller pets are placed on a table, a few feet in front of a backdrop. 
Colored gels are used to light the background.  
Large pets are place on the floor, on a large sheet of fabric

Basic school individual setup.  Background for young children

   Elementary schools
also similar for high-school, but with different background.

outdoor setups can be nice, but watch the weather forecast!

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