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Photo CD's
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Type 1     
Low Resolution:

Photos are stored in 72 or 100 DPI jpeg format,
suitable for a wide range of uses.
Each CD has at least 100 images.

Type 2      High Resolution Publication quality stock photo CD --  $ 195
Photos are high 200 to 300 DPI   PSD ( Photoshop), Tiff, or uncompressed JPEG's
CD's contain a premium selection of up to 100  3 to 25 MB, 8 by 10 or larger files,
created from scanned prints, transparencies, and professional digital camera.
 If you wish to use any image for advertising or other commercial use, 
you must get written permission and a contract according to industry standards. 
Prices depend on use and distribution quantity.
High density scan is available, or print, or in many cases a transparency.

Original prints, negatives, transparencies and digital images have been archived.

Legal Notice:
Use them for personal and non-profit activities, such as schools and similar organizations.
  Low Resolution photographic CD purchase is not a license for commercial use of any kind.


Contact Paul Smyres at 518-789-9345 for individual photo licensing rights.

Available CD titles
More titles will be available soon.
Each "title" is at least 100 photos, usually much more.   More than one "title" or subject may be on a CD.

Pets  -- cats, dogs, birds, horses, misc
-- portraits, candids, humor, great expressions
Weird stuff -  
follow the link for samples -- too many to describe
Country living
Amish farms and life, animals, nature, gardening, flowers, etc.

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