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Parrots and cockatoos
Parrot and cockatoo photos, pictures
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Parrots are highly intelligent creatures,
but most of us do not get the opportunity to realize that first-hand. 
They have at least as much personality as a cat, and are far more social. 
 They require a lot of attention and tender loving care in order to survive. 
Even though they are very delicate, they can outlive than their owners.
Visit a good pet shop.

"With sonorous notes of every tone,
mixed in confusion sweet, our forest rings.

  Carlos Wilcox

Training.  Learn to overcome your fear of your Pet Macaw's beak.
Follow these simple steps.


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Bird Haven, Danbury, CT  click to see website

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baby parrot may live 50 years or more

three macaws

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white parrot

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Some of these birds can be found at
Bird-Haven, in Danbury, CT 

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