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Pet Celebrity !
  Pet Photo Event Schedule
518-789-9345    9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sample photos    Portrait prices    

Check this page often for updates and locations.
Have your family pet photographed at one of our local events.  
I also do private in-home sittings, and I will travel to your location.
If I must travel a long distance, I need to have at least 10 sittings set up in advance.
Visit our country studio in Millerton (Northeast Dutchess County), New York.
where we have pet photo shoots every month.

 To reserve a time, we charge a $10 sitting fee per pet, maximum $ 20
Fees cover cost of film and also benefits local pet rescue organizations, 
pet supply businesses,  pet groomers, etc. 
 I guarantee results or the sitting fee is refunded


How a photo shoot works
Our events are lots of fun.   

They typically run 6 hours or more, with a different pet every 20 minutes.
I take a whole roll of film per sitting, with an extra roll if necessary.    
I take 5 to 8 different poses, including a "headshot"
I usually have a pet handler working with me.  
 I place the pet on a table or floor, depending on its size.
I bring props, fabrics, and noisemakers.   
Learn how your organization can raise money by hosting an event.

Monchrome is very attrractive sometimes

Basset hound....

Call to arrange a fun pet photo event.

Vishlas are very energetic dogs

  Millerton, NY studio    10 to 6
   You must call for reserved appointment
A sitting is not guaranteed without a reservation



Millerton, NY studio
Call for reservation   518-789-9345 

Animals for Life  -- help save a pet   Visit their site
See their page on this site
Millerton, NY studio


Christmas season shoot
Our Millerton, NY studio
Please call for a reserved appointment.
Christmas photos will be taken starting in mid October, 
into early December

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Merry Christmas

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