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Old cabin print

Old prints

Old prints often look wonderful on the walls of modern homes.

get out of my way, this is my road


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Portrait services

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Drums, Jewelry and More

Homesteaders on the plains of Africa, circa 1925

Antique photos.

Some photographs were taken by my Grandfather during his travels. 
Do you have any you would like to sell?  List them here.

Image CD's

Live wire --- could this be you?

Antique postcards

Used cameras --- this one a Nikkormat FTN used daily

Used cameras



Sets of 12 or 24 cards, 
mixed selection of photos
Themes currently available:
NYC photos     Country Living      Dogs      Cats   Horses

Upanishads quotes       Antique photos
and more
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Image CD's

Hundreds of images on a single disc -- $14.95
Categories available now:
Weird stuff      Country living     Pets

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Rhymes of assorted kinds

Fabulous Furniture
Unique custom furniture
crafts from Woodstock, NY
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