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Handmade crafts and unique art
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Where can you buy some truly unique merchandise?  
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All items on this page are hand-crafted, and most are one-of-a-kind.   Send us your recommendations for unusual merchandise.  
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Wooden spoons carved in Old Amish style
wooden spoons, 
Amish, country

Wood sculptures,  Phoenecia, NY, in the Catskills
wood, log, abstract sculpture

made from exotic silk and other fabrics.....
Designer floor pillows

drumdetail1w_small.jpg (3107 bytes)
beautifully crafted
wood drums

Fabulous Furniture
Steve Heller-- Fabulous Furniture, Woodstock, NY
Wood sculpure,

faces, stumps
Unique kaleidescopes, Phoenicia, New York Indian carved from a tree trunk, one of many seen in travels, some for sale Tree stump faces, hand carved, unique
This site Internet 

Woodstock Earth crafts page

Fabulous Furniture-- custom wood
unique wood bongs/pipes

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African drums, handmade 
   fabulous furniture
Gilmor Glass 
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Get odds and end crafts and materials from:

Fabulous Furniture
Handmade unique furniture.  Must see.
 Great site for crafts, handmade items

Bedroom Furniture

unique stuff in Woodstock, NY

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