In memory of Rebecca Neese
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A Gait Connection

Imagine traveling back in history to a more peaceful time when man and horse had to work together.  It has been proven that interaction with horses is great therapy.  At Gait Connection we help you slow down and take a journey to a colmer place of being -mentally, emotionally, and physically for total relaxation, by connecting you and a horse.

Note: Gait Connection is no longer in business, since the passing of Rebecca Neese.

slow down and make friends with a horse

Sparky, a gentle stallion. Our horses are VERY relaxed! What do YOU want?  children with special needs get to know our gentle horses
Training Gentle horses Relaxed atmosphere Boarding Therapy

Paso Finos,  the "Cadillac of horses", known for their smooth ride and pleasant disposition.  
Manager B.J. Neese breeds these horses for use in stress reduction therapy,
by teaching people to "connect" to horses mentally, emotionally, and physically for relaxation.  
Her facility , located at Ridge Top Stables provides a variety of horse related services. 
Located in the heart of Central
Pennsylvania, in Amish country,
the environment is calm and conducive to learning. 


Tour our property.  

Meet our horses.

Some of our services and benefits
Board Lease Time share Lodging
Invest in a personal horse and board it here.  Several levels of care available. Lease one of our horses.  You would always have that particular horse to use. Perhaps you have the same time each week available from your busy schedule. You may like to make a day of it and stay over in the country.  Private rooms are available for your relaxation.
Our 3 step process..... 1.  Mental 2.  Emotional 3.  Physical

Domigo, beautiful Paso Fino stallion

Begin by learning the basics of horse anatomy, their nature, safety, balance, handling, and the Paso Fino breed. Next, you will do "hands-on" ground work and start interacting with the horses.  You will be taught safety again, plus grooming, handling, and stable policies.  As you gain knowledge and apply it, your confidence will grow.  The Connecting will begin.

When you have learned the basics and are ready, mounted sessions begin.  No one will be permitted to mount until you are ready and comfortable with the horses.  A person will lead the horse.  The Connection between the natural movement of the horse and your muscles open the door to natural healing of your total being.

There is no pressure to advance beyond your desire or ability.  You set the pace!
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