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Limited edition framed photographs
Photographer Paul Smyres
Living Pictures Photography
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Most photos posted on this website are available for sale.

Those seen on this site came from quality prints, but for the sake of speed on the internet
they were scanned in at a low density, suitable for the average computer screen.  
We have thousands of other photos that are not on this site.    Call for stock list.
The actual photos look much better than the computer display.
A few of the photos are available framed.

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Prices vary according to size and grade.
Photographic prints, like many other products, are available in different grades.
Collectors who are really "investors" in art deserve and pay for quality archival prints,
because they last a very long time and many appreciate in value. 
We select a small number of images to be made into archival prints, 
and these cost what they are worth. 
Many others, however, are available at very reasonable prices for use as decor or gifts. 

Some of the frames are antiques, and most are chosen for unique qualities such as texture,
material, shape, or other characteristics.
Prices range from $5.00 up, with a typical non-archival framed  8" by 10" photo around $25.00.   
       Only 10 numbered photos will be sold of each scene,
 in each grade and size, and these will be signed by the photographer. 
Ten percent of the price of each sale will be used to establish 
Living Pictures Foundation or donated to other organizations that help young victims of violence.  

In addition to those posted here, many more photos are available and the inventory is increasing. 
Most are 4" by 6" in a larger frame with matting.  
Larger framed photos cost more.  
Prints can be purchased without a frame for a discount up to the limit of 10 per scene.

All photos come with: 
 1.)  a signed thank-you letter.  Each letterhead is printed on high-resolution paper and has a few selected photos. 
No other letter will have the same selection.

2.)  a free, stamped 4 by 6 photo postcard that you can send to a friend or collect. 
Living Pictures Photography does custom work on location, call for rates.
Arrange for the exclusive use of certain photos by individuals or organizations.  
Call for details.   Click on the photo for a full-size view. 
  Many of the original prints that remain unframed will be sold as postcards, 4" by 6".  
Also coming soon:
2 " by 2 " and larger color transparencies mounted in plexiglas
   These beautiful items can be used as keychains,  Christmas ornaments, or hung in a sunny window.
To inquire about purchasing any item seen on these pages, 
call 518-789-9345
or use email:   
Each page has 6 to 10 prints on it.
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Hearth, violin

Framed sepia, country road and Amish farm.


Autumn, 10" by 10"

Farm on Paradise Road

Winter sunset

Valentine bouqet

Cat music

Hat says, "Thanks Buck"

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Many more are available and some will be added to additional pages.  
Sample framed photo given to selected organizations.  Call or email.
old car, rose bouquet, model T, cowboy hat, saddle, violin, hearth, winter sunset, Africa

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