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Department for Understanding Humans ( D. U. H. )

Greetings fellow humans,

An important organization has been established to convey the latest findings from our top scientists, reporters, and inside investigators from around the world, to distribute timely and precious information about society’s many problems and their solutions to as many people as possible.

Countless serious investigators are working on the many challenges that plague mankind, to root out the causes, and taking advantage of the power of committees, to reach radical conclusions that affect all mankind.     Their important work keeps us all informed so we know what is coming in the new future.

In these pages we document the latest news from D.U.H., the Department for Understanding Humans.  Some of these monumental discoveries took years of research by thousands of the best minds in the world.

We encourage all world citizens to participate in this great cause.   So please, if you see or hear of any radical conclusions and serious investigations that we need to share, by all means, let us know right away, so we can have clear thinking, and unite in vision of the way forward.

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