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"Meditation is in truth higher than thought. 
The earth seems to rest in silent meditation; 
and the waters and the sky and the heavens 
seem all to be in meditation."       Upanishads

This website reflects values from all religions and spiritual paths.
Not all celebration is "spiritual". 

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Sunset photos

"Oh life-giving sun,
offspring of the Lord of Creation,
solitary Seer of heaven,
spread thy light and withdraw thy blinding splendor
that I might behold thy radiant form:
That Spirit far away within thee is my inmost Spirit"



" The whole air whitens with a boundless tide
of silvery radiance...
trembling round the world.
more moon photos

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Amish buggies
"There is not a moment without some duty."


"The wish to know - that endless thirst,
which ev'n by quenching is awakend."



"Where there is the Infinite there is joy. 
There is no joy in the finite.
Only in the Infinite there is joy; 

know the nature of the infinite."


Amish farms

"Free from war's cares, returns an easy food,
they breathe the fresh and uncorrupted air,
and by clear brooks enjoy untroubled sleeps."    May
Cemetery, Bridgeport, CT
Death/rebirth theme


"Believe that each day is the last to shine upon thee."     

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School bus in winter

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