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Cat pictures

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Cat photo tip --
Many cats don't cooperate with photographers,
I've even met some that were hostile. 
Other cats are very affectionate and will not sit still.   A long lens is very helpful. 
I usually let them relax in their own environment and shoot from a distance.

When doing a formal portrait, it helps to have the owner nearby,
because cats get nervous. 
Work quickly, too, or the cat will try to run away.

Cats can be very gentle with babies.

Sleeping cat

Click to enlarge,  Happy Birthday cat

sad cat

couch kitty

Mom and kitties.  The grass was wet, and they did not like sitting on it....


barncats1.jpg (12808 bytes)

sleeping cats are easy, but getting them in a good spot is not.

this cat was very cooperative

cat in a bird-bath, waiting

Classic "Hollywood" portrait

nodogssign1.jpg (7817 bytes)

oneyedcat1.JPG (26686 bytes)

barn kitty

scaredy cats.  These were only semi-domesticated, and scurried away when I approached.

catpp1.JPG (10843 bytes)

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