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Red-winged blackbird, rose-breasted grossbeak

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Bird photography
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A red-bellied woodpecker in flight
Birds are tough to photograph.   
"They move around so much and they're very suspicious of strangers.
On top of that, most birds are rather small.
Be prepared to be very patient, willing to get dirty and possibly wet.
Take along a bird guide.
You'll need to take lots of shots.  Use fast film and a long lens.      Paul Smyres,   Photographer

  For professional bird prevention, please see this bird removal article.

"With sonorous notes of every tone,
mixed in confusion sweet, our forest rings. 
Carlos Wilcox 

A light broke in upon my soul 
it was the carol of a bird;
It ceased-and then it came again,
the sweetest song ear ever heard.   

Training.  Learn to overcome your fear of your Pet Macaw's beak.
Follow these simple steps.


baby flycatchers, almost ready to leave the nest

rose-breasted grossbeak

robin's nest goldfinches at a thistle seed feeder


soaring gull
red-winged blackbird



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