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Amish Buggy
Amish buggies, carts, horses, and more!

"Free from war's cares, returns an easy food,
they breathe the fresh and uncorrupted air,
and by clear brooks enjoy untroubled sleeps."

The Amish often ride for miles in their buggies. 
Sometimes the young folks race them. 
On Sundays they may travel long distances to their worship services
and to visit family members in another valley.   
The buggies usually have a battery to power a simple lighting system, required for safety. 

The photographer has received a ride in one with an Amish teenager. 
Out of respect he didn't bring his camera.  
Horse carts are still used in many parts of the world. 
The horses that are used are a special breed with a particular gait.  
To keep the horses focused on the road, blinders are placed near the eyes,
forcing the horse to look forward. 
Going up or down steep hills can be a problem, so sometimes the passengers walk the cart.

Old and new pass each other in Central Pennsylvania

Amish cart in winter, travelling to a neighboring town.

This is the "buckboard" style.  Amis "pick-up truck".

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close view of Amish buggy

getting gas for the weedeaters..... Amish buggies waiting near the weekly auction

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