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Living Pictures Photography
Adult and family photographic portraits

Location portraiture in the New York City area 
and Dutchess County, New York   
Our country studio has charming outdoor locations 
that are ideal for portraits.  
There's a pond, fruit trees, a stream and garden.

NOTE:  I don't keep a lot of samples online, for privacy purposes.

Call for details  518-789-9345    9 a.m. to
There are many styles of portrait photography.
I prefer a simple style that emphasizes the personality and expression of the subject.
Portrait photography is challenging and you need to have a personality that is upbeat, lively, and sensitive.


College graduates need professional photos

2 strong front lights, no back light on white background ( a simple sheet)

Mother and daughter -- some people prefer monochrome

Models need portfolios

Families can treasure their portraits for generations

Portraits in your home or chosen location


this background is actually black, with a blue "gel" or transparent material applied

A black background with moderate lighting from one side only

Simplicity is good in portraits - front lighting, no backlight

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