Date Initiated:
April 2003

Content Description:
Photography, Animals, Farms, Art, Music, Poetry, Boating, Aviation, and many other subjects.

Website Statistics [As of Nov. 2009]: receives over 24,000 unique visitors monthly.
Approximately 64,000 page views/month.
Approximately 210,000 hits/month.

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Some of the most popular attractions:
Horses       Flowers      Cars       Pets        Cows       Amish Farms       
Stock Photography (image licensing)     
Ducks          Pigs          Winter       Snowmen       Santa Claus     Spring      Summer    Autumn    


Much of the content is appealing to children.
Young people find this site fun to explore, and schools are encouraged to try it.

        Be an active part of a growing internet resource with a positive theme. 
Visit here, advertise here, tell your friends. 
       Our objective is to make it one of the most beautiful places on the Internet. 

 *** Submit your amateur and professional photographs for online publication.  
 We can host your work or link to a separate page.
  ***  Enter contests for a large range of subject matter.  Examples:  ugliest pet, worst mess, funniest photo,
and more serious contests for content, theme, and beauty. 
  *** Submit photos as a set for a theme page, such as one related to a current event.

  You may use one photograph per visit for wallpaper or some non-commercial use.  If in doubt contact host.
*** Buy prints, both framed and separate, of original work, postcards, and other collectible merchandise. 
Or,  find other photographers through links.
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Please respect them.

   Get appropriate photographs for publication by contacting the 
photographer using email or phone.