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Life needs water, CLEAN water

“From joy all beings have come, by joy they all live,
and unto joy they all return.”
“Where there is joy, there is creation. 
Where there is no joy, there is no creation.
Know the nature of joy.“               Upanishads 


Living Being Media ™ consists of a growing group of websites and blogs covering a variety of subjects.  We seek to share information about harmonious living, intelligent activity, and soul awareness.   We manage about 2 dozen sites.  Find them in our links page, or click on the many site logos scattered around this site.


The idea for this network of sites originated from photographer Paul Smyres when he was inspired by the events at Columbine High School in April 1999, in USA, and in Kosovo. 

            At that time he was preparing to launch a website to display his photography.   Since Mr. Smyres was an avid computer and electronics hobbyist, he knew computers would steadily get much faster and that the internet would be the new primary media, since it’s so personal and available.   That is now true.

               In 1999 he bought 3 domain names and launched one site, the original Living Pictures network photo site.   We now have over 2 dozen domains and sites.

      Because Mr. Smyres was born in India he had a chance to witness extreme poverty and the effect it has on children.   His intention by starting a series of sites was to ultimately establish a foundation to benefit young victims of poverty and violence. 

        After the events of September 11, 2001 Mr. Smyres stepped up his efforts  to enlarge and promote his network by greatly expanding the original site, and refining it.       In 2004 he launched the Living Being site, and a new site,   Hudson River Property.     As of this writing, late in 2012, our network receives over 1 million visitors annually from around the world.   Our YouTube sites are getting around 5,000 views monthly and growing

  Since September 2001 the sites have more than quintupled in size and visitor traffic has gone from 2,000 per month to over 100,000 from up to 155 countries.  As the internet grows, it’s more difficult to get noticed, but we have widened the net, so to speak by adding domains and subjects.

       The old sites had been created with the program Front Page, an older technology.   Because they are so large a total overhaul was out of the question.   Instead, we branched out with many more domain names and a totally new style, by taking advantage of WordPress content management software.

         In 2009 Mr. Smyres began a massive upgrade to the entire network, adding many more pages, more domain names, and a whole new YouTube section with hundreds of videos, over 100 different subject playlists.  He also added a site for hisaerial photography work, and several other sites with info about 2012   2012:  the crossing , humor  www.zikkety-zak.com 

    We also have about 20 Twitter accounts.

          In 2010 we are expanded even more, with more twitter accounts  www.twitter.com/beststufftobuy    more blogs, and videos on Twitter.  Stay tuned…

 Mr. Smyres said;

“ I have sought to use my craft in a manner that will people communicate better, using images and inspiring text.   It’s only by proper communication can we avoid the problems that lead to poverty and violence. 

“The internet is such a powerful communication tool with a proven capacity to generate enormous sums of money, as well as publicity, so I believe it should be used to help the people who, for all practical purposes, cannot help themselves. That is, the children who become victims of senseless war and other forms of violence. ”

We now have several Amazon stores, top products only, 4 stars or better.

 We also sell merchandise on ebay, under the screen name LivingBeing

We like to sell quality used merchandise to get it back into circulation and out of landfills.  





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