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Increasing awareness is rocking the world




Earth’s “aura”, and circuits… they matter



Where’s the news we NEED ?


    The typical “news” television channels present so much junk, and repeat it often.   No wonder more and more people are turning off the TV.   Gain more time instantly, get more done, enjoy life.


We need news that tells us how to prepare for adversity, how to function.

Learn to navigate

Navigation is an important skill.  Knowing how to get around could save your life or someone else’s.

Maps, navigation tools

Great stuff to take when you travel long distance







Watch for many new videos

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Many of the posts to come will include video, some photos, more commentary.

Trees are amazing beings

It's okay to be a tree-hugger

Who doesn’t love trees?
We need them.  A lot of our food, and our air, comes from trees.   We use them to make our homes, our boats, our furniture.

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