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“Wherefrom do all these worlds come?  They come from space.
All beings arise from space, and into space they return;
space is indeed their beginning, and space is their final end.”     Upanishads

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Welcome to our conversation about 2012

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The intention of this site is to help bring some clarity about what is happening on our planet in our current era.    I have no intention of promoting any kind of fear.   There is too much of that already.   I encourage visitors to read the information here, follow links, talk to friends, educate yourself, think, and feel.    Every person must determine for themselves what to believe, and what to do with the information they learn.    There is so much noise and distraction in our societies these days that it’s difficult to see or hear clearly.

Still, there are some very important things anyone living today should know and consider, as we direct our lives towards whatever future we imagine or hope for.    There are facts.  There are answers to questions, and puzzles can be solved.   It just takes paying attention and using our brains.

Flower of life - infinity of infinities, beginning and end, cosmic womb

Flower of life – infinity of infinities, beginning and end, cosmic womb

Many people now realize that the Earth and its passengers are going through some kind of transition period unlike anything we could imagine. No book or prophecy could ever describe the reality of the current situation on Earth.     What is occurring is far beyond our societies and desires, or our myths and dreams.    To some degree, our entire  political and religious systems are irrelevant.    We are tiny, like ants on an elephant’s back.   The Earth is our host, not the other way around.   A moment of humbleness will allow us to realize how small we are compared to the ground we walk on and the air we breathe.

We ( human beings ), are not really the commanders we would like to be.    The Earth’s cycles and its interaction with the sun and galactic environment ultimately determines what happens to us and our fragile empires.    We can only ride along and do our best to go with the flow.   Our ancestors figured this out long ago, or at least some of them did.   Live well and pay attention.   Life can be short, but it certainly is a gift, so don’t waste time.

Solar wind, and earth's cosmic sheild

Solar wind, and earth’s cosmic sheild ( source of image, unknown )

The planet we are riding on is now going through an astronomical event that we cannot stop or control. It’s receiving more energy from the sun and surrounding cosmos as it enters a new cycle.    The sun is undergoing its own cycle, and is now in a a very significant position in its own long  journey.    In kinetic systems such as our galaxy, when multiple types of alignment happen energy waves begin to resonate.    This happens on a scale so huge that we are unable to grasp it.   Even what we are able to measure we do not fully understand, to say nothing about all that remains to be discovered.

It’s impossible to wrap our minds around the vast cosmos, so we merrily go about our lives like a blind tightroper in a burning circus tent.   Meanwhile the ground beneath us is truly spinning, very fast, flying through the cosmos on its way to someplace unimaginable.    We’re not the pilots on this craft, Earth, so we can only look out the window and hope the pilot’s good.   We have no idea where we will land, but wherever it is, it’s an awesome ride, IF we can understand what’s going on.

For anyone who is cynical or skeptical about massive and abrupt earth changes,  consider this:  for thousands of years people have been watching the sky very, very carefully. Why ? Because, there are things out there that come this way, and when they do, watch out !    There are things that affect us, streams of energy from the beyond, that are beyond our comprehension……  Our earth’s natural system has cycles of its own that causes things like melting ice, volcanos, storms, and earthquakes, droughts.

It should be incredibly obvious to all of us by now that our planet’s precise position in the universe is very important to its orbit, temperature, and weather and every living cell on it. Many ancient cultures considered sky knowledge so important they built entire civilizations around it.   They built monuments to the stars, and told countless stories with an astronomical theme.    They were trying to tell us something that our life depends on.

There should be no doubt left to any educated person how important this is.    After all, we can clearly see now that every solid planet in our local system is scarred with craters, and we recently observed Jupiter getting hit by multiple pieces of a massive comet.  One piece caused an explosion as big as the earth.     Mass extinctions are well documented but poorly understood.

We on earth are extremely vulnerable, and comets and asteroids are only a SMALL part of that. It is our perspective that is the problem.   We live a short time, and accurate historical records going back hundreds of years are not very good.    Compounding that, among us today only a very, very few people actually read or try to fully understand the historical records that we DO have.     Furthermore, people who do actually study them disagree.      So, we  tend to live blindly, and that’s not good.     That is beginning to change now because of the internet and TV.   More and more people are waking up.

Each of us is responsible for our own life and safety, in addition to others who we may care for. So, each of us must learn what is necessary to make good decisions and do wise actions.    We are presenting information here, and links to many other good resources, so you can figure all of this out for yourself.    Puzzles can be solved.   Answers can be found.

There is a ton of information available from multiple media sources.    I have read, viewed, and listened to countless hours of information since the early 1970′s.   I am only able to present a tiny fraction of that here in the form of observations, opinions, and deductions.     I may try to set up a forum on this site.     Until that time, I suggest joining some of the many groups online who are discussing 2012.      I am a member of a few of them, including the one sponsored by www.yowusa.com




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